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Paraffin WaxCandle Wax

The candle industry accounts for the largest use of paraffin waxes globally. There are a variety of waxes and blends available for each different style of candle. These range from one-pour container blends, votives, floating, tea lights and pillars, through dipped tapers, novelty candles, hurricane and cut & carve candles. Each wax is produced in a variety of forms to accommodate individual requirements: slabs, prills, pellets, and liquid bulk.

Wax Product List
Petroleum & Natural Wax Products


   HP 2350 Candles in Glass
HP 2350 is a very nice semi refined scale wax for simple candles in glass. High ISO wax content helps prevent bubbles and adheres well to glass.

   HP 6086/2 One-Pour Container Wax
HP 6086/2 is a soft white, opaque, paraffin wax specially designed for candles in glass application. Its cohesive strength and low shrinkage allow it to adhere to the container minimizing air pocket formation. Congealing temperature is 125-130° F.

   HP 11490 One-Pour Container Wax
HP 11490 is a lower cost container wax with a +26 color, 120º F congeal point and a 136 needle pin. Available in T/T's or T/C's only.

   HP Soywax One-Pour Container Wax, Votive and Pillar
HP Soywax is an opaque creamy off white natural wax derived from botanical oils. It shrinks approximately 3% requiring only one pour. Available in 4 different blends to satisfy the needs of most candlemakers.

   HP 2818 Votive
HP 2812 is a versatile fully refined paraffin wax that can be used for many different types of candles. Melt point is 126-130° F.

   HP 6036 Votive, Pillar
HP 6036 is a versatile fully refined paraffin wax that can be used for votives and pillar candles. Melt point is 133-136° F.

   HP 4212 Pillar
HP 4212 is a versatile fully refined paraffin wax that can be used for pillar and hurricane candles. Melt point is 138-142° F.

   HP 6228 Dipped and Cast Tapers, Pillar
HP 6228 is a high quality, fully refined paraffin wax specially developed for the manufacture of molded wax tapers and pillar candles. Melt point is 142-149° F.

   HP PR27 Citronella
HP PR27 is an off white-yellowish paraffin developed for manufacturing inexpensive container candles. Available in liquid bulk only, it has a congealing temperature of 122° F.

   HP Gelwax Clear Gel Wax

HP Gelwax is a clear gel type wax designed for clear container candles.

Distilled Palm Fatty Acid paraffin wax extenders.

Additives: Polyboost 165 and Polyboost 130 are polymers which are excellent candle wax additives to increase opacity and tie up fragrance oils.

The above waxes are a small representation of the products available for candle manufacturing. To find a product that meets your specific need, please contact us to discuss your application.
paraffin wax paraffin wax paraffin wax